I have been running my service for the past 15 years from my home. 

I live just outside of Kirkland Lake Ontario Canada on hwy#11 I suck and swallow all patrons and offer porn to watch while being serviced. Clean up water and towels are provided as well as lube for anal.(I only give anal to those who want it, I do not receive anal) 

My house is totally private and can not be seen from hwy so discretion is assured! Big rigs must park on side of hwy, but all others can use driveway. 

I am available most anytime with a phone call ahead of time,(at least 15 minutes ahead)to make sure that no one else is here.

You can google me at"steves place kirkland lake"

Contact Details

 Steves Place
Hwy #11,Kirkland Lake,Ontario
(705) 622-0061

email smooth261@yahoo.com

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I can deep throat most all cocks while you are blowing your load ,I really love this technique
I enjoy deep throating because it brings a unique pleasure for most feeders. 


Cut cocks are preferred but any cock is always welcome you got what you got and I wouldn't dream of turning away a man.

Age is a preference, not a prejudice

In general, I like dudes who are more or less college-age (always 18+) but some of my favorite visitors are much older, so youth for me is a preference, not a prejudice.


I"m usually down for a quick cum-dump, but I"m at my best when servicing a dude with a week"s worth of cum in his nuts and he has the good sense to let me slow-edge it out of him. I love to deepthroat, I always swallow, and I usually do both at the same time, which feels as incredible to me as it does to the dude I'm doing it to. I love when a severely horny young dude who COULD let go of his load at any second but prefers to ride the edge.  It feels so . . . damn . . . GOOD!  For both of us!



    "Thank you very much for letting me come over this evening and get some amazing head!!!   I thought i was gonna break down the plywood!  lol.  see you VERY soon."

    "Best Ever!  Super Intense"